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Producent: Olimex

  • Opis produktu

STM32-LCD was designed primarily use as matchup stackable board to MOD-GSM GSM connectivity module. Together the two boards create unique platform for GSM enabled applications and M2M interface to different areas.


  • MCU– STM32F103ZE - high-performance ARM® Cortex™-M3 32-bit RISC core operating at a 72 MHz frequency, high-speed embedded memories (Flash memory - 512 Kbytes and SRAM - 64 Kbytes), and an extensive range of enhanced I/Os and peripherals connected to two APB buses.
  • JTAG connector
  • UEXT40 connector
  • 2 x UEXT connectors: Universal Olimex Extension Connector which connects to our MOD-XXX external modules
  • EXT_PWR connector to power up the GSM module
  • Mini SD/MMC
  • Mini USB
  • LCD TFT 320x240 pixels 12 bit colour with touch screen
  • Power source connector
  • Accelerometer
  • 8 MHz crystal oscillator
  • Reset circuit
  • Clock circuit
  • PCB: FR-4, 1.5 mm (0,062"), soldermask, silkscreen component print
  • Dimensions 79.2x57.6 mm (3.12x2.27”)