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Producent: Olimex

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SAM7-NRF24-64 is a low cost board with AT91SAM7S64 and 2.4Ghz NRF24L01 transceiver, it allows easy communication between PC and other boards which have nRF24L01 chips on them such as MOD-NRF24Lx, or STM32-103STK, etc.


  • MCU: AT91SAM7S64 16/32 bit ARM7TDMI™ with 64K Bytes Program Flash, 16K Bytes RAM, USB 2.0, RTT, 10 bit ADC 384 ksps, 2x UARTs, TWI (I2C), SPI, 3x 32bit TIMERS, 4x PWM, SSC, WDT, PDC (DMA) for all peripherals, up to 60MHz operation
  • Nordic nRF24L01
  • on board voltage regulator 3.3V with up to 800mA current
  • power supply LED
  • power supply filtering capacitor
  • 18.432 Mhz crystal
  • PCB: FR-4, 1.5 mm (0,062"), soldermask, silkscreen component print
  • Dimensions: 50 x 25mm (2 x 1")