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Please note that revision C of PIC-WEB replaces the old PIC-WEB revision B - the old documents can be found here


  • PIC18F67J60 microcontroller
  • 1Mbit on board serial flash for web pages storage
  • Mini ICSP/ICD connector for programming with PIC-ICD2-POCKET or PIC-KIT3
  • Reser button
  • User event button
  • Analogue trimmer potentiometer
  • Thermistor for temperature monitoring
  • UEXT connector
  • RS232 driver and connector
  • Complete web server and TCP-IP stack support as per Microchip's open source TCP-IP stack
  • Power plug-in jack for +9 to +12 VDC power supply
  • Voltage regulator +3.3V and filtering capacitors
  • Status LED
  • Extension header to connect to other boards
  • Dimensions 60x65 mm (2.36x2.55")




  • I don't have a debugger, can I change the web page?
  • Only visually, if you need to add new variables you need to add them in HTTPPrint.h also which is part of the stack, then rebuild and upload to the new code to PIC-WEB.
  • Can I use PIC-WEB as TCP-IP to RS232 bridge?
  • Yes, the default demo software we ship PIC-WEB with creates TCP-IP-to-RS232 bridge at port 9761, i.e. if you have connected for instance MOD-RFID125-BOX to it and you listen to PIC-WEB IP port: 9761 you can read the RFID tag info remotely by Ethernet. This way we have online connected one DuinoMite-Mega board with RS232 connected to PIC-WEB at http://duinomite.olimex.com if you telnet at duinomite.olimex.com at port 9761 you will have access to virtual console and write BASIC code on our Duinomite which is located in our lab
  • Can I use PIC-WEB as TCP-IP to RS232 bridge?
  • There is a known issue with C18 V3.37.01 & TCIP/IP V5.31 (or TCIP/IP V5.00). The fastest workaround is to use the previous C18 (v3.34) until the next C18 version is released. Another work around is to use this p18f67j60.h instead the one provided by the newer compilers
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