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Producent: Olimex

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The special T-form of this board allow it to snap-on BREADBOARD-1 and supply directly the VCC and GND to Breadboard bus. Perfect for fast breadboarding with Jumper Wires


  • PIC32MX795F512H 80 Mhz microcontroller 512KB Flash 128KB RAM , 3x SPI, 4x I2C, USB OTG, 1MSPS ADC, PMP 80Mhz digital capture, 5 TIMERS/CCP, 53 GPIOs
  • USB-OTG supporting both Host and Device function allow implementation of Google Android ADK
  • UEXT connector which allow many existing modules like RF, ZIGBEE, GSM, GPS to be connected
  • two LEDs
  • one BUTTONs
  • RESET button
  • mini USB connector is used which is common and used in most cell phones, so you do not have to buy other cables
  • all PIC ports available on 0.1" connectors
  • ICSP connectorallos programming with PIC-KIT3
  • Dimensions 87x54 mm (3.4x2.12")



  • PINGUINO IDE supports PIC32MX795F512
  • DUINOMITE firmware supports PIC32-T795 we ship PIC32-T795 by default with DUINOMITE firmware and bootloader
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